Waldorf RN8100G-RB Target Top on Refrigerated Base - $14,990

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Waldorf RN8100G-RB Gas Target Top on Refrigerated Base $14,990 plus GST

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The Waldorf RN8100G-RB is a 900 mm wide fully modular commercial gas fired Target Top Hob on a Refrigerated Base from the completely redesigned and revolutionised Evolution Series. Built on a fully galvanised heavy duty steel chassis with fully welded seams and finished in thick gauge robust 304 grade stainless steel. Powered by a two stage 45 megajoule per hour rated gas burner with separate inner and outer rings provide accurate temperature control and differentiated temperature zones for full Target Top performance and versatility. The refrigerated base underneath the cooking area has a temperature range of -2°C to +8°C, this means food can be chilled and cooked in one convenient place. A high performing economical and affordable gas Target Top and Refrigeration system suitable for any catering establishment.

  • Waldorf 900 mm wide commercial gas target top on refrigerated base
  • Fully modular heavy duty construction of 304 grade stainless steel
  • Target top with a generous cooking surface area of 900 mm x 625 mm
  • EatTuckers sales staff happy to answer any queries on all products
  • Three piece heavy duty cast iron top with removable centre ring
  • Powered by a high output 45 MJ per hour rated cast iron gas burner
  • Separate inner and outer rings delivers full target top performance
  • Gas burner ensures accurate temperature control and different heat zones
  • Cast iron top plate reinforced with heat fins for heat zone definition
  • Thick refractory brick lined box burner for high heat retention
  • Refrigerator with a temperature range of -2°C to +8°C
  • Automatic defrost and automatic evaporation of defrost water 
  • Base can accommodate two 100mm deep gastronome 1/1 drawers  
  • Available in Natural Gas & LPG, please specify when ordering
  • Unit supplied complete with gas type conversion kit
  • EatTuckers technicians can help with installation and service
  • Easy clean, easy installation, easy to service 
  • Waldorf RN8100G-RB built to last gives years of satisfactory service


Brand: Waldorf                       
Product Code: RN8100G-RB                       
Weight: 287 Kg                        
Power Rating: 45 MJ per hr, 12.5 kW
Dimensions: Width 900 mm x Height 1130 mm x Depth 805 mm    

For enquiries please contact

Phone: Sean 0412 034948

Email:  sales@eattucker.com

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