About Merrychef


EatTucker is pleased to partner with Merrychef and release their extensive line at unbeatable prices. As a key Merrychef distributor, EatTucker will find the perfect appliance for you and your commercial kitchen.

For over 60 years, Merrychef has been producing innovative and award winning ovens. Merrychef released the the first speed oven in 1950 and since then has continued to pioneer aspects of design, efficiency and productivity. With such an extensive history, they have an edge over MerryChef competitors. Cooking with a Merrychef oven will transform your business.

Merrychef's name is now synonymous with rapid high speed ovens.

Merrychef was founded by Welbit, who also founded well known brands like Convotherm, Frymaster, Garland and Lincoln. Merrychef's easy to use control panel is the same User Interface (UI) developed and perfected in the Convotherm combi ovens. 

Merrychef Australia is backed by Eattucker as well as Moffat– the biggest and most established Commercial kitchen equipment Supplier in Australia and expanding in the UK and USA. 

By purchasing a Merrychef oven through EatTucker and Moffat, you are guaranteed years of excellent after sales assistance, appliance repairs and Merrychef parts.

EatTucker offers a large range of Merrychef products. Please call or email us, to ensure we find the perfect product for you. 

For more information and the best price please contact:

Phone: Sean 0412 034948

Email: sales@eattucker.com

Freight charges are dependent on weight and postcode please email your information 

As a guide freight to any Metro is $80.00 plus GST