Who is EatTucker? 

EatTucker is an internet sales site for Commercial Catering Service, a sales and service company founded in Sydney in 1995. In the early years Commercial Catering Services - CCS -  concentrated on the repair and maintenance of  commercial kitchens. Techs Emmet McMullen and Sean Coffey had an advantage over other companies as they were both qualified electricians, gas trained and had an Industrial Electronics Diploma from Tafe. This meant CCS was able to service all equipment in a kitchen from the dishwasher, stove, combis to bench top items. This experience allowed us to know the good, well designed products from the bad, flimsy and sometimes more expensive brands.


Why the Name EatTucker?


EatTucker started out as a fun industry newsletter, with chefs interviews, some rumours, the chefs recipe and its monthly  - 'review the loo' – well the name said it all. 2005 we launched ccsnsw.com a website selling quality cooking products. It was a basic static site made up on cpanel and hard to edit. EatTucker was used to promote this site, but from time to time we posted some second hand equipment for sale from Chefs, then we added some scratch and dent items. In the end running two sites just got too hard and we made the decision to shut ccsnsw.com and revamp EatTucker to be a sales only site and it was decided to stick with the name EatTucker.


Can we trust EatTucker?


We are not a new start up internet company, we have built up our sales businesses one item at a time. A lot of our better known customers we have looked after long before they were so well known and continue to have a great relationship with them. We have been servicing and selling equipment since 1995 and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation. Please take some time and read about our recent projects in the 'our customers' page.


Why are your prices so cheap?


We have always had the most competitive prices since 1995. We don't sell the cheapest products we sell only quality products. We keep it simple, we know our products, we know our market, and we know our suppliers, this makes us very efficient at what we do. We don’t have a show room with dead stock and all items come straight from our suppliers directly to the customer. We keep our overheads low to pass on the savings to our customers.


I can't check out ?

Because frieght cost vary between products and postcodes you are unable to check out until we know how much your product weights and what postcode it is going to. We are working ona new programme to calculate these cost automatically but at present it has go to be one a case by case basis  - as a guide dishwashers to  country NSW and Victoria  are $100 and heavier items $200. You can arrange your own freight from either our Sydney or Melbourne Depots 


For further enquiries please contact

Sean:   0412 034948