About Us

Who is EatTucker?

EatTucker is the digital extension of Commercial Catering Services (CCS). Since 1995, CCS has been the solution to all commercial kitchen needs, from restaurant equipment to services and support.

Based in Sydney, EatTucker continues to provide quality commercial kitchen equipment to top restaurants, such as Chiswick Restaurant, Aria Restaurant Sydney, 4 Fourteen, and many more recent projects.

Our sales specialists are qualified engineers and electricians with over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry. Our mission is to find the solution to your commercial kitchen needs.


In the early years, Commercial Catering Services (CCS) concentrated on the repair and maintenance of commercial kitchens. Technicians, Emmet McMullen and Sean Coffey, had an advantage over other companies as they were both qualified electricians, gas trained and had an Industrial Electronics Diploma. This meant CCS was able to service all equipment in a kitchen from the dishwasher, stove, combi ovens to bench top items. 

In recent years, EatTucker was launched as an online store and support centre for CCS. EatTucker is not just a place to buy high quality commercial kitchen appliances but also a support centre. With a strong history and industry knowledge, our mission to find the right product to fit your needs and provide high quality service and support. Not convinced? Find out why you should buy from EatTucker.