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Recent Projects 

Chiswick Restaurant

Commercial Catering Services (Eattucker) supplied the commercial Kitchen equipment at Chiswick Restaurant, Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan's latest hit. We supplied and installed a gas assisted Beech Pizza Oven and Grill. Complete cooking line in Waldorf and Washtech Glass and Dishwashers. Then the hardest working combi oven in Australia a Convotherm gas powered OGS 10.10, this oven runs 24 hours a day.


4 Fourteen

Controversial Chef Colin Fassnidge with Carla Jones has made 4fourteen a runaway success. Colin was the first to get the new Waldorf Bold series and it featured in MKR's last chance kitchen. We also supplied a Washtech M2 and the second hardest working combi in Australia a Convothem gas powered OGS 10.10. 

Cook House

Ross Godfrey, Micheal Cater and David Milton have teamed up to create The Cookhouse a  “food focused gastro-  pub style, with a cocktail element”. We supplied Blue Seal  Stove, Chargrill and Fryer, a Convotherm OES10.10 and  a Washtech AL Dishwasher along with GM glasswasher.


Aria Restaurant Sydney

Now open over 13 years Aria's Head Chef Ben Turner wanted his downstairs prep kitchen over hauled. We removed all existing equipment and installed a two stacked Turbo Fan E33 convection ovens, a Waldof RN8610G 6 burner stove with static oven and a Waldorf BP8120G 1200mm brat pan which we customed to allow a lower simmer temperature for a special product Aria prepares. We also supplied and fitted benching with the Waldof profile. We completed the job without the kitchen having to be closed.


GT's Hotel

GT's (formerly the Gaelic Hotel) needed a complete change in direction. This was done by opening up the old dark dining area and transforming into a beautiful bright open Thai Restaurant. The kitchen budget was very limited and we asked to look at a mixture of new and used equipment. We went to all our suppliers and asked them to sharpen their pencils. The price we were able to give for such quality items we were given instant approval on all new. We supplied a three burner LKK wok, Blue Seal Pasta Cooker, Fryer, Char Grill and 6 burner stove with oven. Washtech M2 Dishwasher, Hatco Heatlamps and Pre Rinse, a Greenline 2.4 metre fridge and 1.8 metre freezer.


Return Customers

We can also help with Installation of all the products we sell, and the after sales service which we can handle direct  - our aim is to keep you happy to gain your return business. Here is a list of some of our return customers