Scratch & Dent

Welcome to EatTuckers Scratch and Dent store, offering you huge savings on many top brand, commercial catering equipment. Purchasing a Scratch and Dent appliance is a great way to buy quality products at unbeatable bargain prices, saving you hundreds of hard earned dollars.

What is a Scratch & Dent appliance?

Our Scratch and Dent appliances are new, unused appliances that have scratches or dents on the outer body of the machine. These flaws are normally sustained during shipping and transportation or while sitting on the warehouse floor. They are cosmetic, superficial surface flaws and have no effect whatsoever on the structural integrity of the machine. Often these scratches or dents are so slight that they are not even noticeable especially after installation. Due to these small imperfections companies are unable to sell them at full price.

What risks are involved in buying a Scratch and Dent appliance?

There is absolutely no risk in purchasing a Scratch and Dent appliance from EatTucker. Our Scratch and Dent appliances are not factory seconds, reconditioned or floor display models. All our products are backed by the manufacturers full warranty.

We provide excellent customer care and service. Our qualified technicians can help with installation of your new Scratch and Dent appliance.

Due to stock levels changing daily we operate on a first come, first served basis.

Product availability is subject to change without prior notice.

For further enquiries please ring or email: 

Sean:   0412 034948