Waldorf FF8130E Filtamax oil filter

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The Waldorf FF8130E is an electric powered mobile filtamax filtration unit for use in conjunction with single and twin Waldorf fryers. Compact filter system that quickly and effectively removes impurities, maintaining consistent high quality cooking, reducing smoking and extending the life of the oil by up to an impressive 50 per cent. 
  • Compact Waldorf filtamax filter with an oil capacity of 20 litres
  • Very powerful reversible 1/3 HP pump capable of a complete system flush out
  • Constructed from high quality heavy duty durable 304 grade stainless steel 
  • Waldorf FF8130E is an essential affordable appliance for any catering establishment
  • Unique reusable filter bag with an optional upgrade kit to carbon pad filtering 
  • Filtamax filtration system for use with waldorf fryers ie FN8120G FN8226G
  • Waldorf space saving filter that fits underneath the following fryers: FN8120G FN8226G
  • For ease of movement and added safety its mounted on two fixed and two swivel castors
  • Safety features include rigid delivery hose and heavy-duty insulated handle
  • Unit fitted with operator friendly push handles giving forward and reverse options
  • Cost saving filter extends the life of the oil and reduces the cost of replacement
  • Filtamax FF8130E can be used even when oil is at full temperature
  • Exceptional filtration system voted top 10 best products by commercial catering services customers
  • Open pan easy maintain, easy installation, easy serviced filter appliance
  • Versatile filtamax fryer can be used to filter oil from fryers other than Waldorf fryers
  • Waldorf FF8130E Filter gives years of impressive economical results   

Additional Options (extra cost)

Additional filter bags
Carbon pad upgrade kit (Part No. 025669)
Flexible hose with stay cool handle (Part No. 020417)
Drain adaptor kit (Part No. 024705) and drain
extension kit (Part No. 024710) available for
using FF8140E for combined 450 mm + 600 mm
wide Waldorf fryer filtering applications

Brand: Waldorf
Product Code: FF8130E
Weight: 51 Kg
Dimensions: 324 mm Width x 562 mm Height x 683 mm Depth
Power Rating: 3.2 amps 240 volts 50hz Single phase

Warranty Information

12 Months Parts & Labour

For enquiries please contact

Phone: Sean 0412 034948

Email:  sales@eattucker.com

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