Cobra CB6 Gas Char Grill - $3,150 plus GST

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Cobra CB6 Gas Char Grill $3,150 plus GST

Cobra CB6-B Bench model $2,850.00 plus GST

Scratch & Dent (if available) Price $2,890.00 plus GST*

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The Cobra CB6 is a fully modular gas powered 600 mm wide heavy duty commercial Char grill mounted on an open stainless steel cabinet base. Fitted with two individually and independently controlled cooking zones allow only half the chargrill to be in operation for grilling or barbecuing small items during quiet times which means more savings on energy costs. An affordable, functional and reliable addition to any small to medium catering establishment.


Available in any combination of flat grill and open burners at no extra cost



  • Cobra 600 mm wide gas fired barbecue char grill on an open cabinet base
  • Heavy-duty barbecue with a generous cooking surface area of 540 mm by 500 mm 
  • Powerful 9 kilowatt stainless steel U burners per 300 mm section 
  • Fitted with four 135 mm wide by 550 mm long reversible cast iron top grates
  • Electrical connection not required as this unit functions solely on a gas supply
  • EatTucker's qualified technician will help with installation and service
  • Removable cast iron grates, cast iron radiant and aluminised steel tray baffles
  • Cobra CB6 is delivered completely assembled for quick and easy setup 
  • Ideally designed for small restaurants, cafes and takeaways
  • Operator friendly large easy use dual controls with variable high to low burner setting
  • Fitted with versatile cast iron grates that can be placed in a flat or inclined position
  • EatTucker's sales staff only to happy to answer any queries you might have  
  • Mounted on a unique open cabinet base with a stainless steel easy clean exterior 
  • Optional inclined position enhances excess grease flow into the front collection channel
  • Chargrill fitted with castors to the back of the unit and adjustable feet to the front
  • Affordable, functional and reliable gas fired commercial heavy duty cobra chargrill
  • Piezo ignited permanent pilot and flame protection fitted to both burners as standard
  • Fully modulated, full stainless steel, easy clean, easy service, easy installed, gas char grill
  • Cobra CB6 gives years of excellent service, excellent results and trouble free operation


Brand: Cobra

Product Code: CB6

Weight: 90 Kg (unpacked)
Dimensions: Width 600 mm x Height 915 mm x Depth 800 mm
Power Rating: 66 MJ /hr, 18 kW
Available in Natural gas or LPG

Warranty Information

12 Months Parts & Labour

Phone: Sean 0412 034948


90.00 KGS
60.00 (cm)
91.00 (cm)
80.00 (cm)