Quality Combi Oven Pricing

Quality Combi Oven Pricing

Posted by Sean Coffey on 16th May 2024

Finally a Quality Combi Oven at a reasonable price

Convotherm combi ovens designed and built in Germany from 1976 have been battling with Rational, founded by Siegfried Meister three years earlier in 1973 from the start. Convotherm founded by Frank Dittmann and Werner Schwarzbacker just an hours drive away from Rational HQ have had these guys making many an urban myth based on the ongoing design battle of these neighbours on the combi oven. Now 40 years on, the two companies are now The World Leaders.

Two brands fight it out worldwide, both claiming being the market leaders country by country. Australia Rational is the leader here and has been so for so long that most chefs call combi ovens Rationals, like vacuum cleaners are called hoovers. Convotherm here is backed by Moffat, the Australian industry leader and still manufacturing, servicing and supplying their own highly respected brands here and world wide. Moffat are able to service equipment anywhere in Australia but this is still not enough to get Convotherm ahead of Rational.

Like two F1 teams fighting it out with more and more upgrades and features, they rely on marketing and more and more features that no one actually uses. The C4 Convotherm launched a few years ago was designed by Porsche, they put a curve on the control panel. Coming next will be the internet of things and an app for your oven. Nobody cares, chefs want a good quality reliable oven that will do 3 main functions, dry heat, steam and combination day in day out.

If both ovens are around the same price unless your kitchen is outside a major city Rational will always be the correct choice. Looking at the most popular size ovens both are like petrol station pricing – always matching.

Now a game changer POW !!!!! Convotherm has finally released a version with everything chefs want and not all the features that they could care less about. The Convotherm Maxx just 2 models the 10 and 6 tray versions, build like the top of the range models, less features but a better price point.

Now when we compare the base model Rational with the new base model Convotherm Maxx both great quality it is a game changer

Convotherm CMaxx6.10 Combi Oven $13,590.00 plus GST

Convotherm CMaxx10.10 Combi Oven $17,590.00 plus GST



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