Inexperienced recommendations can be costly

Inexperienced recommendations can be costly

Posted by Sean Coffey on 16th May 2024

Recently I was asked to install a new turbofan convection oven in a very popular and well respected pizza restaurant in Newtown. They were unaware that we not only service catering equipment but we can supply too.

The restaurant could well have had a very expensive electrical upgrade as there was only a 20 amp outlet available. Every spec page for the oven supplied states that it requires a 27 amp single phase power supply. This is where vast knowledge and experience not only can save money but also makes sure it's the best oven to suit your needs.

How did I save an expensive power up grade? The oven has 2 elements 13 amps each of which are powered from a single electrical connection terminal. The site did have a 3 phase 20 amp outlet, wiring 2 phases to the oven I then disconnected one element feed from the terminal. Now the first phase only has to power 1 element, the motor and controls, well under 20 amps. Then connecting the 2nd phase to the heating contactor it could power the other element. The oven supplied was the Turbofan E32D4 which is a great oven.

In my opinion the better oven choice is the E33D5 and here's why. The E32D4 is made a little wider so it can take full size baking trays, but the E33D5 takes a full gastronorm. Restaurants mainly use gastronorm sizing for cooking. Two more downsides in this case, the E33D5 takes 5 trays, the D is for digital controls and the 5 is for how many racks the oven chamber can take. That is 25% more production than the E32D4. The other downside is the stand for the oven supplied has runners for storage underneath. Because it is designed for the E32D4 the runners are for full baking trays so at the moment are useless for storage.

Additionaly the restaurant was told it would need a condensing hood as there was no extraction exhaust hood over the oven location. There is a lot speculation regarding ventilation, it is worth a read on my research on hoods required for pass through dishwasher.

The oven is under a high ceiling in a well ventilated space so there is no need for a hood. This is where our experience and product knowledge recommend the right equipment, best advice and always the best price. 

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