Caring for your new Washtech XG

Posted by Sean Coffey on 16th May 2024

Your New Washtech XG

The Machine will arrive packed with

1 tray

1 Water Supply hose

1 Brass Non Return Valve

4 legs

Instruction booklet

Commercial Catering Services recommend for the Washtech XG Unpacking

Remove all the white plastic covering as it gets very tatty after time

Throw away the Brass non-return valve as it can cause flow restrictions

If the machine is to be used as a glass washer do not uncoil the rinse aid line

a) because you do not want to use rinse aid with beer or champagne glasses

b) we find the line ends up in the detergent bottle

Tighten the legs as much as possible, this will stop them turning when you are

adjusting the legs.


On start up make sure the arm turns when filling if it does then there is enough water pressure to make an effective rinse. If the rinse is too strong this may cause a poor rinse as the water may tend to exit at too much of a slant and not get right up the inside of tall glasses. The rinse part of the arm can be tilted up more to slow the rotation down.

Take a picture of the rinse and wash nozzle locations for later reference as you will not some of the jets are blank.

On start up make sure the arm is free and clear and all jets tight in place. We recommend daily removal of the arm for inspection, this is done by just by unscrewing the thumb nut in the centre.

Periodical remove the black plastic column underneath the arm, this is done by simply pulling up. Inspect it as there is usually a build up inside that can affect the arm rotation. When you put it back in place make sure it goes in all the way.


When draining only take out the blue drain upstand leaving the filter in place to stop anything getting into the drain well. After it is fully drained then the filters can be cleaned, check the well for debris, paper etc if there is broken glass in there, use a raw potato to removed. If you break a glass during service we recommend stop the machine, drain fully and remove all the broken glass before chards of glass can get into either the wash pump or the drain pump.

Following these hints should help you avoid at fault breakdowns and insure your new Washtech XG gives great results day in day out