Washtech PW1 Front Loading Upright Pot Washer $13,190

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Washtech PW1 Pot washer $13,190.00 plus GST

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The Washtech PW1 is a front loading ware washer cleans pots, bins, trays and bowls up to 80 litres. It also has a rail for hanging whisks,

ladles and other utensils. Constructed from heavy gauge all stainless steel these machines are built to last giving years of reliable service.

 The Washtech PW1 is also available with a  Heat Condensing Unit model PW1C sale price $18,230.00 plus GST


  • High-performance front loading upright pot washer
  • Commercial ware washer cleans pots, pans, bins, trays & bowls
  • Complete operating cycle times of 2, 4 & 6 minutes
  • Upper and lower stainless steel wash system
  • Fitted with removable end caps for cleaning
  • Rounded wash tank doubles filtration scrap and pump inlet filters
  • Fast recovery time between cycles due to powerful rinse booster elements
  • Washtech PW1 fits rack size 500 mm x 500 mm
  • Large internal chamber 750 mm high x 595mm deep x 565mm wide
  • Fitted with a 1.5kW wash pump
  • Wash pump 800 litres per minute
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Operator friendly Electromechanical controls
  • Washtech PW1 constructed with a flush front innovative design
  • Hot water consumption of an energy saving 2.6 litres per cycle
  • Double filtration system
  • Powerful rinse booster elements
  • Ensures fast recovery between cycles
  • Counterbalanced insulated two piece door
  • Safety stop switch
  • Stainless steel support grid for bowls
  • Washtech PW1 Watermark certified
  • Hanging rail for utensils
  • Delivery packaging all 100% recyclable
  • Easy clean, easy install, easy service


1 x 500mm dish rack
1 x 500mm cup rack
1 x 8 division cutlery container
1 x 435mm cup cover
Optional accessories
Customised loading racks for other items


Model: Washtech

Product Code: PW1

Dimensions: 680 mm x 765 mm x 1850 mm

Weight: 150kgs

Power Rating: 415V +E +N:25amps per phase

Warranty Information

5 Years parts warranty on the cabinet, 2 Years parts warranty on the wash pump, 

1 Year comprehensive warranty on parts & labour

For enquiries please contact

Phone: Sean 0412 034948


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