Washtech M2 Pass Through Dishwasher

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Washtech M2 Commercial Pass through Dishwasher

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The Washtech M2 dishwasher was one of the first products from this New Zealand based company to be designed for the Australian market. The M2 pioneered and then cemented the reputation Washtech dishwashers are robust and reliable. Always innovating the M2 and it's no hood required M2-C, C for the condenser unit have every situation covered. 

Features like for example

assured rinse by using a rinse booster pump to give a reliable rinse regardless of your water pressure.

Power saving as this commercial dishwasher shuts off all heating when it senses it is idol this gives big power savings

Low water consumption 2.5 litres per cycle and all recycled back to the wash water

All stainless steel wash and rinse arms with all hubs and fittings Stainless cast

Unique width design by Washtech in this M2 that allows it to suit the 2 most common bench gaps when a replacement for other brand dishwasher is needed

These commercial machines produce consistent clean results due to their Hot Rinse Retention abilities. Unlike your current dishwasher, the M2 and GM models drain the cold, dirty water during the wash cycle and continues to wash with the hottest, cleanest water. So, your dishes aren’t being washed with cold, dirty water, but actually cleaned with filtered wash water. Also, it’s active waste removal and self cleaning abilities will guarantee consistently clean cycles, with little effort!

The Washtech M2-E has a gold star reputation among medium sized restaurants throughout Australia. The powerful 750 W wash pump recirculates 350 litres per minute for an excellent wash performance. It has a 60 second cycle wash time and washes up to 1000 plates an hour. The M2 can be fitted into 600 mm or 640 mm bench gap.

  • Economical 2.4 litres of hot water consumption per cycle 
  • Washtech M2 cleans up to 1000 large plates/serving dishes every hour
  • Recirculates wash water at nominal 350 litres per minute
  • 2.5 kW wash & 3.6 kW rinse heating (3 phase required for 6 kW)
  • Multi-cycle selection options 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles for varying soil levels
  • Eco power, Soft Start and Self Cleaning cycle
  • Easy to use Electronic controls with enhanced functionality
  • Service diagnostics for error recognition
  • Dual chemical injectors and drain pump
  • Automatic start when hood closes
  • Anti drip door edge channels water away from the operator
  • Easy clean L shaped tank with curved corners 
  • Corner or in line installation 
  • Washtech M2 is Watermark certified
  • Adjustable 200mm X 4 stainless steel high legs supplied
  • Double filtration via scrap trays and separate wash inlet filter
  • Huge 430mm wash chamber/door height clearance
  • Stainless steel upper and lower wash & rinse arms with removable cleaning caps
  • Washtech M2 suits 500 mm international standard racks
  • Unique 595 mm or 640 mm bench gap installation option
  • 316 grade stainless steel rinse tank and rinse booster
  • No commissioning required
  • Assured rinse
  • On site 3 phase conversion if required
  • Washtech M2 is built to last and gives years of efficient reliable service


1 x 500 mm cup rack
2 x 500 mm dish rack
2 x cutlery containers
Service connections for power, water,
pumped waste, detergent & rinse fluid


Model: Washtech
Product Code: M2
Weight: 97 Kg unpacked 125 kg packed
Dimensions: 705 mm Width x 1530 mm Height x 765 mm Depth
Power rating: 15 amp single phase  plug set or 15 amp 3 phase  

Warranty Information      

5 Years parts warranty on the cabinet, 2 Years parts warranty on the wash pump, 

1 Year comprehensive warranty on parts & labour

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