Washtech AL8 Large Body Pass Through Pot washer

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Washtech AL8 Dishwasher and Ware washer $11,490 plus GST 

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The Washtech AL8 is a versatile utility ware washer suitable for crates, bins and most 80-litre bowls. This machine offers a wider washing compartment, up to 700mm wide x 650mm high. Providing heavy-duty wash performance for washing and sanitising food processing equipment and regular dishracks. This unit is usually installed into benches for easy pass through operation. AL8C Passthrough with heat recovery is an option allowing the unit to be installed without a hood.

  • Economical 2.6 litres per cycle water consumption
  • 1.5 kW wash pump recirculates wash water at a nominal 800 litres per minute
  • 10 kW rinse and 5 kW rinse
  • Washtech AL8 Watermark certified
  • Fully welded durable all stainless steel construction
  • L shaped tank with curved corners for easy cleaning
  • Full-length door springs allow for fingertip lifting
  • Triple cycle selection 2, 4 & 6 minute cycles
  • Classic Washtech Electromechanical easy operated controls
  • Starts automatically when door closes
  • Washtech AL8 has a flush front design
  • FastClean rounded wash tank , double filtration, scrap and pump inlet filters
  • Powerful rinse booster elements ensure fast recovery between cycles
  • 650mm high wash chamber clearance
  • Fitted with upper and lower all stainless steel arms
  • Removable end plugs for easy cleaning
  • Fitted with 4 x 220 mm stainless steel legs 
  • Washtech AL8 fits 750 mm depth bench
  • Suits 500 mm international racks
  • Corner or in - line installation
  • Easy clean, Easy install, Easy service
  • Washtech AL8 gives years of reliable efficient operation


1 x 500mm dish rack
1 x 500mm cup rack
1 x 8 division cutlery container
Optional accessories
Customised loading racks for other items


Model: Washtech
Product Code: AL8
Weight: 155 Kg unpacked 180 kg packed
Dimensions: 905 mm W 1745 H 760 D mm
Power Rating: 25 amp 3 phase

Warranty Information

5 Years parts warranty on the cabinet, 2 Years parts warranty on the wash pump, 

1 Year comprehensive warranty on parts & labour

Phone: Sean 0412 034948

Email:  sales@eattucker.com 

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