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 Blue Seal Sapiens E10BSD Electric Combi Steam Oven

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The Blue Seal Sapiens boosted series of combis is the latest upgrade to the Lainox range of Combi Ovens. Constructed from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel, with a fully moulded chamber,  new ergonomic handle, user friendly front manual control panel and automatic wash programme for easy cleaning and maintenance. The combi oven is the most versatile piece of equipment for busy professional kitchen, combining different cooking functions in one very specialised space saving unit. This will be a true workhorse of your kitchen and it will reduce food shrinkage and weight loss, reduce cooking times and energy costs, increase productivity and menu flexibility while still delivering exceptional cooking results even in the most demanding of catering establishments.


The Blue Seal  Sapiens Series has several unique features :

Fast Dry  - for dry crispy cooking

The Blue Seal Sapien Fast Dry System uses a dehumidification process in the oven chamber, this ensures perfect browning and crispiness of breads, fried foods, desserts and even fried foods.

Autoclima - for tender and juicy cooking

The Blue Seal Sapien Autoclima system controls the climate inside the oven chamber. It keeps the oven and humidity at ideal levels for the selected foods. This function also keeps pre cooked foods juicy and tender when they are getting warmed.

GFT - Green find Tuning

The Blue Seal Sapien has been designed to use 10% less energy and emitting 10% less CO2. The new burner modular system has a high efficiency exchanger which prevents power waste and there by reduce harmful emissions.


The Blue Seal Sapien EcoVapor system can recognise the level of steam inside the oven and only uses the amount of energy required. The Blue Seal Sapien will reduce water consumption and energy used. It uses 10% less energy, 50% less water  and 10% less steam.

SCS - Solid Clean System

The Blue Seal Sapien SCS has taken away the need for bulky liquid detergent systems. It saves space, avoids dangerous spillages and carting of 25 KG containers. The detergent is supplied in powder form where the oven dilutes it with water and sprays it into the oven chamber. Then with a combination of rinsing and steaming the oven self cleans to rid itself all the build up during that day.


  • Blue Seal electric commercial combination steam oven with 10 x 1/1 GN tray capacity
  • LED display with manual controls for ease of use
  • Built to last heavy duty construction of 304 grade robust stainless steel 
  • Two Speed Fan motor
  • Fully moulded chamber with rounded corners for optimized air flow and easy of cleaning
  • Auto reversing Motor/Fan Rotation
  • Food products can be cooked at temperatures between 30°C - 300°C  
  • Oven door handle mechanism allows for left or right hand operation
  • EatTuckers qualified technicians can help with installation and service of your new unit
  • Blue Seal E10BSD combi oven with direct steam injection system
  • Fitted with rack runners for GN loading with a 45mm shelf distance
  • Easy to read manual controls displayed on electronic front control board
  • Sapiens line control panel has a LED system displaying a set or active cycle
  • Front removable control panel for easy servicing and maintenance
  • Plug in core temperature probe delivers accurate cooking control 
  • Two speed fan can be altered with a simple touch of a button on the main board
  • 95 pre-set recipe programs operate with minimal staff input
  • 99 free programs options with standard four stage cooking cycles
  • Auto reversing fan rotation eliminates hot and cold zones within the oven chamber
  • Autoclima with automatic vent ensures the correct heat is always readily available
  • Fully automatic washing programme and hand shower standard on all Sapien line ovens
  • EatTuckers sales staff happy to answer any queries on all products and brands
  • Constant self-diagnosis for error recognition avoids unnecessary service charges
  • Heat resistant door seal and tray runners removable for daily cleaning
  • Fast dry with dehumidification of the oven chamber
  • Cool to touch double glazed door has hinged inner glass for easy cleaning 
  • Blue Seal Sapiens E10SDW built to last gives years of reliable affordable service

Additional Options (extra charge)

Stainless steel stand with 10 pairs of 1/1 GN shelf rails

Supplied flat packed for self assembly

Optional Features

Right hinged door

Marine and special voltage 

Side runners for 600  x 400 trays, 8 trays

Connection for an external printer, type RS232

Model: Blue Seal
Product Code: E10BSD
Dimensions: Width 950 mm x Depth 825 mm x Height 1090 mm 
Weight: 142 kg
Power Rating: 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 P + N + E; 16 kW
Warranty Information
12 months parts and labour by Moffat

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Phone: Sean 0412 034948


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