Our Products

At Commercial Catering Services using our sales website platform EatTucker.com we are constantly expanding our range of quality commercial equipment for Cafes to Restaurants, for Pubs to Factories. All our products are well known to us as Commercial Catering Services is primarily a service company repairing this type of equipment all over Sydney. We are not limited to Sydney and can ship anywhere in Australia. In fact we don't see or have any need to handle any of the items on our website, it gets shipped by our supplier direct to the end user. This has many advantages, it allows us to keep pricing very lean, it gives our supplier all the end users details if warranty work is ever required, it stops double handling with less risk of transport damage and speeds up supply/delivery time.

Buying commercial equipment is a huge economical outlay and you want to be sure that it is the correct choice for you and your requirement. Get that reassurance by contacting Sean 0412034948 no book needed to answer your questions or email sales@eattucker.com.

We are always adding new products so if it doesn't appear here it doesn't mean that we can't supply.