Turbochef Speed Ovens

Posted by Sean Coffey on 18th Aug 2014

Speed Oven

What is a speed Oven ?

Speed ovens are exactly what the name implies, an oven that cooks products in a very short period of time. These ovens can cook product up to 10 times faster than a convection oven. They may look like a large capital expense but save money in the long and short term. Eattucker Techs now are warranty and service agents for the market leader of Speed Ovens TurboChef.

How does it save you money ?

Take the TurboChef Sota speed oven , it has a very compact oven saving you space, it has a built in catalytic converter plus another on the oven vent which means it does not require a exhaust hood. Beacuse it requires a short cooking cycle and is more efficent it only uses a proportion the electricity that a convection oven will use. As the product is cooked so quicky it also saves on labour costs.

How do they work ?

Turochef Speed ovens use 3 types of heating at the one time. Radiant, impingement and microwave heat. You will be very familiar with micro wave heating which cooks products by exciting water molecules, this starts cooking the product straight away from the inside out. Radiant heat or infra red heat is just the correct term for standard elements that glow red. Impingement is the secret sauce.


In the 80s TurboChef bought a company in the USA that specialised in industrial ovens used in manufacturing plants, these ovens could be tens of metres long. They have prefected a process known as impingement. Blowing hot air onto a product does transfer heat quicker than static heat, hence convection ovens are more efficient  than static ovens. Impingement is blowing a concentrated jet of hot air which breaks down the products thermal barrier and transfers the heat several times faster again. This is achieved by blowers in the turbochef oven blowing hot air through a plate with with a series of holes which creates these hot air jets.


All working as one

Turbochef combine all three types of heating together. The Turbochef Encore Speed Oven uses 2 powerful magetrons microwaving from each side, radiant  heat from the bottom and impingement from the top . All 3 types can be controlled to turn on and off more than 400 times a second to give the perfect result.The inside is cooked to perfection while the outside will be golden brown if that is the desired result.

Cook times

The Turbochef encore can cook a muffin in 35 Seconds an eight inch Cheese pizaa in 60 seconds or a sub sandwich in 35 second.

Catalytic Convertor

Turbochef have 2 catalytic convertors, the first one is inside the oven chamber and filters all the oils and grease but it means that after you have cooked a pizza the next product say a muffin will not taste of pizza. The second catalytic convertor filters the exhaust of all smells to the outside air.


All Turbochefs can have its menu uploaded from a USB thumb drive, also they can be networked via an ethernet cable and coming soon they will all have a wi-fi chip.