Finally, a speed oven for everyday venues | The Merrychef e1s Speed Oven

Finally, a speed oven for everyday venues | The Merrychef e1s Speed Oven

Posted by Sean Coffey on 16th May 2024

Good news for small commercial kitchens around Australia... The Merrychef e1s Speed Oven is finally here!

This Merrychef oven is ideal for smaller venues for a few reasons.

1. Under $15,000

The Merrychef e1s oven comes in at a great price for such a quality speed oven. It is one of the only international speed ovens to come under $15k. It beats the Merrychef e2s price. Similarly, with Merrychef vs Turbochef, MerryChef wins.

Not only is EatTucker one of the only Merrychef distributors holding the e1s, we also sell it at $13,990.00, an unbeatable Merrychef price.

2. Works on 15amp single phase

It continues to save you money by running off a single phase as expensive 3 phase electrical is not required. It runs off a basic 15 amp outlet common in all kitchens.

3. No hood required

You can save even more money as the Merrychef eikon range does not require a hood. It can be placed on any bench, anywhere. It has a built-in catalytic converter.

4. Easy to use interface

One of the greatest features of the Merrychef range is the use of the Easytouch interface. Merrychef programming is user friendly and designed to optimise kitchen turn around. It includes 1,024 multi-stage recipe programs, so you can cook meals at the touch of a button. Cooking with a Merrychef will transform your kitchen.

Other speed ovens required specialised programming to get the length of microwave impingement and radiant heat required. As a service tech I even find it impossible to set up but the Easytouch is pretty intuitive.

5. Effortless clean

Designed with cleaning in mind, all Merrychef ovens include curved edges and stainless steel. So, cleaning a Merrychef is simple and hassle free. There is even Merrychef oven cleaner available.

6. Backed by Moffat Australia

Like the rest of the Merrychef range, all units are backed by Moffat Australia, the name behind brands such as Waldorf, Blue Seal and Washtech. So not only is the Merrychef oven for sale, but quality Merrychef parts and Merrychef accessories. Similarly, you are guaranteed qualified services. Moffat's service department covers all of Australia, with Moffat trained techs offering prompt and expert service.

In Summary:

The new Merrychef e1s Speed oven is an ideal oven for a low to medium volume site. Being fully programmable it does not require a fully trained chef to operate. It is the perfect machine for cafes, sandwich bars, RSL clubs and hotels.