introduces XSafe by Scotsman introduces XSafe by Scotsman

Posted by Sean Coffey on 16th May 2024

XSafe welcomes ice to our new Covid safe world

What is XSafe?

XSafe is the catchy name for a new sanitising procedure for ice. It has been integrated into the Scotsman range of ice makers as standard in most models. The system kills 99% of known viruses and bacteria and includes corona viruses.

It will also substantially reduce the formation of mould, of mildew, yeast and that horrible slime inside the machine.

It sounds complex and expensive?

Its not, the process replicates the sanitising effect of natural UV light. A very powerful light system produces Ultra Violet light like the sun which causes air to create a highly reactive enriched oxygen mixture. The mixture has high oxidation properties which can destroy mould, bacteria and viruses.

Because the light is produced by LED (light emitting diodes) no heat is created, just light, so this process can operate 24 hours with no effects on your ice.

XSafe shines UV light in the ice bin, big deal you might think, besides what about the ice the light can't get to? Logic would say it's ineffectual, except its not the light that is doing the sanitising, it is in fact the highly oxygenated air produced that is sanitising everything. This gas permeates all through the ice and the bin continually. The UV light reacts with air to make it ozone rich which then kills germs.

This is not like a system that adds ozone to the water. It does rely on introduced ozone to do the work but as it is only produced in the bin it will not be exposed to corrode the machines workings. Also water with added ozone can produce ice with that ozone smell which XSafe  avoids.

Does XSafe Ozone method put a taint in the ice?

No, as the ozone is only in the air mix there are no flavours or smell in the ice itself.

Is XSafe something else to go wrong and put my machine out of action?

Its actually the oppose, with a cleaner environment this can reduce needs for service, cleaning and maintenance costs by up to 50%. It will prolong the life of your machine, there are no moving parts with the XSafe system and as frequently asked on no noise.

What is XSafe limitations for my ice machine?

It can't filter your water, the incoming water should always be filtered to be drinkable. It won't reduce a need for descaling as this is caused by chemicals in your water not by organic micro organisms. You will still to periodically do a full clean on the bin

What is the life of the XSafe?

Scotsman and recommend the LED bulb is replaced every 12 months and by a qualified technician. If the bulb is replaced every year the XSafe system carries the same warranty as the machine.