Turbochef HHC 1618 Electric Conveyor Oven $21,120

Hhc 1618
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Turbochef HHC -1618 Electric Conveyor Oven

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Models availible for the Hhc1618 are, HCS-9500-5W-V standard 36 inch belt

or HCS-9500-10W-V 48 inch belt

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The Turbochef HHC 1618 is a commercial heavy duty Single Belt Electric Conveyor Oven that can accommodate full-size metal sheet pans in a 20-inch compact cook chamber. Ventless variations available in the HCS-9500-5W-V and the HCS-9500-10W-V. A small footprint oven with a throughput far exceeding other 28-inch conveyors, capable of cooking an impressive sixty 12 inch pizzas in just one hour. The conveyor belt can be configured into either a single, 50/50 or 70/30 split, each belt can be independently operated with separate speed levels allowing full cooking flexibility. Producing a vast range of food up to twelve times faster than any conventional oven while still delivering consistent results without compromising on food quality. Patented and designed by Turbochef one of the market leaders in commercial pizza ovens, offering endless menu possibilities, extra units can be stacked up to three high eliminating the need for multiple cooking appliances, freeing up valuable floor space. A perfect energy efficient cooking solution for any quick service high production catering establishment.

  • Turbochef electric commercial single belt conveyor oven
  • Heavy duty construction of 430-grade attractive finish stainless steel
  • Three belt configuration available of either single, 50/50 or 70/30 spilt
  • Throughput far exceeds other 28" conveyors in a 20" compact design
  • Independently controlled top and bottom vertical air impingement
  • Variable speed High h re-circulating impinged air flow
  • EatTuckers qualified technicians can help with installation and service 
  • Stackable design up to 3 high, stacking kit required (not provided)
  • Powerful dual blower motors can be operated at varying speed levels  
  • No skills required for one finger design allows for greater menu flexibility
  • Easy to operate controls only two key pushes start to cook any item 
  • Idle mode can save up to 30 percent in energy costs/bills
  • Eight customizable cooking profiles with this model 
  • Automatic self-diagnostics monitor oven parts and performance
  • EatTuckers sales staff happy to advise on all products and brands
  • Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via easy to use software
  • Safety features include cool to touch covers and panels
  • Provided are one plug and cord (6 ft) and one 6" conveyor extension
  • Easy install easy clean easy service, access to all parts from front of unit
  • Turbochef HHC 1618 built to last gives years of excellent results


Brand: Turbochef

Product: HHC 1618

Dimensions: Width 1222 mm x Depth 907 mm x Height 330 mm (with legs 432 mm)

Weight: 90 kg

Power: 415 V, 50 hZ, 3 P + E + N, 32 Amps

Warranty Information

12 months Parts & Labour

For enquiries please contact

Phone: Sean 0412 034948

Email:  sales@eattucker.com

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