Ice-O-Matic ICEU86 Ice Maker

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Ice-O-Matic ICEU86 Ice Maker (replacing ICEU085) 

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Ice-O-Matic the world leader in manufacturer and development of commercial grade ice maker machines commonly called ice machines. The ice makers are made 100% in the USA. Started in Denver in 1952 they released their first ice maker in 1970. Since then they have continued to expand and develop further their range. If there are an ice type and amount you require there is a machine to suit you, giving a generous parts and labour warranty. They continue to use electromechanical  controls and component for reliable operation. Ice-O-Matic has  separate breathing zones so they can be fitted into any space without ventilation worries.


  • Clear functional conical ice Cube
  • Storage bins part of the ICEU86
  • 15 kg ice bin storage capacity
  • The ICEU86 works happily in ambient temperatures from 10 - 40°C
  • Dimensions 690 mm High x 467 mm Wide x 570 mm deep
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • All electro-mechanical components
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Simple and easy hook up connections
  • Produces up to 35 kg per 24 hours
  • Power 240 Volts 484 Watts, 2.4 Amps
  • Come with Water and Drain Hose
  • Gravity only drains ICEU86
  • Fits under all standard counters
  • Uses refrigerant R-134a
  • Easy to use operate and keep clean
  • Generous  2 years warranty on parts and labour
  • Weight 48 kg



ICEU86 Features


Stainless Steel Chassis

The rust resistant range of ice makers and ice machines are constructed from stainless steel where it counts most on the inside. Outside ice-o-matic use a combination of stainless steel and industrial grade scratch resistant plastic.


Practical Design

Ice-o-matic know that their ice machines should be seen and not heard, work away silently in the background giving reliable ice day in day out. Ice machines and ice makers from iceomatic that are no-nonsense practical design to give years of trouble free service.


Top Air Discharge

Clever design by ice-o-matic means their ice makers can fitted in situations where other can't. The cooling fans direct the hot air up and out the top away from all working parts and also the ice maker to be situated in any tight enclosure.



Ice-O-Matic's ice machines and ice makers were the first to incorporate harvest assist technology which ensures consistent quality ice production. It also helps make more ice with less energy and as a bonus increases ice production. They also make their own evaporator and have refined the design to suit the ice production purpose. The evaporator goes through an electroless nickel process which makes the unit more resistant to the damaging effects of both water and ice. 



Agion has made a polymer that prevents the growth of microbes and stops the development of unpleasant taste and odours. This Agion technology gives controlled delivery, great efficacy and long lasting durability for applications that demand high performance, including water filters, ice machines, food contact surfaces, medical devices, active apparel, shoes, sportswear, architectural coatings and more. 



The ICEU86 is an economic compact reliable ice machine ideal for wait stations, under-counter applications, small coffee shops or  isolated bar area. It makes clear pure conical ice cubes. We recommend that you also purchase the genuine water filter, this not only makes better tasting ice but also protects and extends the life of your ice maker.


Additional Options (extra charge)

Ice-O-Matic CD10 Water Filter $180.00 plus GST

Available on Castors               $110.00 Plus GST

Please specify when ordering



Brand: Ice-O-Matic

Product Code: ICEU86

Dimensions: Width 467 mm x Depth 570 mm x Height 911 mm (690mm on levellers)

Weight: 48 kg unpacked, 55 kg packed

Power Rating: 240 V 50 Hz, 1 P + N + E; 0.5 kW 


Warranty Information
 2 years parts and labour by Coast Distributors

For enquiries please contact

Phone: Sean 0412 034948



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48.00 KGS