Combi Ovens - Electric

Top Quality Electric Combi Ovens to Suit Your Commercial Kitchen in Melbourne or Sydney

To receive the best in commercial kitchen supplies, choose from our range of high quality products. We have designed each of our products to suit in any kitchen, from in the local café, to a high-demand restaurant that has a fast turnover.

A streamlined way of operating your commercial kitchen, a combi oven allows you to conduct convection, steam and combination cooking from the one piece of equipment. No longer will you need to stock your kitchen with an endless range of appliances; the combi oven will complete everything for you.

The advanced technology is designed so you can become even more productive in your food preparation, delivering meals to your guests’ tables even sooner. What’s more, but the efficient ovens allow you to save on labour costs.

The combi ovens that are designed to last even the highest pressure

Each of our ovens is designed and built to last for years to come, providing you with endless efficient service. We have chosen each part carefully and manufactured an oven that will withstand even the harshest kitchen conditions.

In the case that your oven does have a fault, we will gladly provide a warranty for replacement or repair. For your complete peace of mind, just as us about our generous policies.

Contact us for more information on our electric combi ovens

At Eat Tucker, we provide combi ovens and other equipment to the whole of Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne. To enquire about which product is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us with information about your exact specifications. We will place your needs first and find you the perfect oven for your kitchen.

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