Spinning Plates

Posted by Sean Coffey on 19th Feb 2014

Spinning Plates

Last weekend I watched a remarkable documentary on 3 very different restaurants with 3 very different stories. It does start out slow enough building up the characters that make this story. We see 3 very different restaurants and meet the characters behind them.


We meet Grant Achatz and his restaurant Alinea located in Chicago, which he has worked hard to become the best restaurant in the USA in just 7 years. He graduated from the Culinary School of America, worked for 4 years with Thomas Keller at the famous French Laundry in Nappa Valley. In Alinea , Grant soared with his talent and inventiveness making unique smells and food experiences. Along with the other restaurants there is a big twist in the story that puts this remarkable chef a level above what we originally thought.

Just visiting Alinea website I find that they no longer take bookings but tickets for tasting menus.

So I presume you can no longer book a table but can get in line for a table with a tasting menu only. Grant Achatz and his parter Nick Kokonas are trying new ways even with booking but you will warm to Grant after this doco.

Breitbach's Country Dining

Mike Breitbach introduces us to his country style american diner, which is not just a focal point of the community of Balltown Iowa but seemingly the heart and the soul of the town. We are shown how the town treats this diner which is a diner and much more - there is a lot to the story of what happened next but it is a story how this diner is the heart soul and life of this small community

LA Cocina de Gabby

The third restaurant in this great documentary, I will spoil this twist as it is a sad one and only comes at the end - they don’t make it. We see the passion and determination of Franciso and he tries to make his little business succeed for his family. His journey is all about his family and how he wants to make his little cafe popular enough to support his wife and daughter.

Spinning Plates

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As a side note – with Alinea they are using tools not ever meant for that use and at www.eattucker.com

we can build machines never build before or adapt appliances